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Kelly here! Castleton’s Marketing + Social Media Coordinator (and a recent Castleton bride myself) here to give you my two cents on planning a wedding, from start to finish. I’ll be blogging periodically throughout engagement season to coach you through every step of the wedding planning process. It can definitely be a stressful time, I’m not going to lie to you. I planned our wedding in a span of five months (with the help of Darla Walker, my hero), but I’ve talked to brides who had engagement periods as long as two years, and we’re here to tell you: IT’S OKAY. Stress is completely normal and expected. But enjoy the ride because it flies by, and being engaged is seriously a fun time in your life. It’s full of celebration, love, themed parties (yay!), and preparation for a lifetime of adventures with your person.

As my first post, I’m going to just share a little of mine + Corey’s story with you all. Please feel free to leave a comment with YOUR love story and what you’re most excited about!

Elementary school engagement photo shoot


Corey and I met in the third grade. Even as an 8-year-old, I knew he meant something special to my heart. It’s something I can’t really explain. I always tried really hard not to laugh at his cheesy jokes (because you’re mean to the ones you like when you’re 8) and always had him on my radar during our soccer games at recess. Fast forward to middle school, when AOL instant messaging was the only way anyone communicated, and we did the whole “I like you, you like me” thing. It was always back-and-forth, even through high school, but we never dated. We went our separate ways after high school – I headed south to Auburn University and Corey headed north to Liberty University. We had kept in touch and sophomore year of college, we finally decided to try out this thing called a ‘relationship.’ It was long-distance and we had our challenges, but I’ve always known it was Corey. I was willing to do whatever it took to marry this boy because for years, I had told my friends, “I’m not ever getting married…unless Corey asks me.” This past May, he asked me, and three weeks ago, on October 25th, my 8-year-old dream came true and I married the love of my life.

Next post: all about the proposal! How should you be prepared? How do you handle all the new sparkly goodness on your left hand?! Stay tuned!


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