Wedding Planning with Kelly: How He Asked

Engagement ring picture

Now, let’s talk about proposals! Getting engaged is of the biggest moments every girl dreams of. Will he choreograph a dance with my closest family and friends so we can become the newest YouTube sensation? Will he build a memory wall of us in his backyard, complete with a private concert and dancing by candlelight? Will he take me up in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley and feed me chocolate covered strawberries while we ride off into the sunset (may or may not have been my dream…)?

Biltmore Estate engagement

Here’s my advice, girls. Let him be him. I knew Corey had the ring for over a month before he proposed. The poor guy was just too nervous to ask because he knew he couldn’t plan and deliver some extravagant date ending in the most over-the-top proposal, though I continued to expect something elaborate and well thought out.

Finally, one night, it hit me. If I were Corey, I would plan a hot-air-balloon-over-Napa proposal with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and a long handwritten note about how in love I am. However, I’m not marrying myself (thank goodness). I’m marrying Corey, and that’s the beautiful thing about it. Whatever he came up with was going to be perfect no matter what, because it was all his idea. It came from his heart, not mine.

Update: his proposal included me being the one to suggest when and where to do it, I was wearing my pajamas, and my nail polish had been 50% peeled off. Definitely something that would rack up two million views on YouTube, but perfect in every single way. A quiet, intimate, and expected proposal can be just as romantic, if not more.

(However, guys, if you’re reading this and want to do something that will make your girl absolutely melt, take some inspiration from this adorable proposal)

East Tennessee proposal

Also, when your favorite guy finally gets down on one knee and asks the infamous question, it’s completely normal to lose your breath for a second or two. You’ll even forget everything he prefaced it with. I barely even remember being asked, “Will you marry me?”

What will inevitably happen in the following half hour: stare at the new sparkly rock on your left hand for a bit (you won’t want to look away), ask yourself if this is real life, address him as your fiancé for the first time (that can be a hard one to get used to), snap a good picture of the ring because everyone’s going to ask for one, be prepared to tell the proposal story 200 times, and get ready for the time of your life!

Next post, we’ll be talking about choosing a wedding date and setting your budget, which in my opinion, was where I hit the most road bumps. But we’ll get you through it!


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