18 Romantic Date Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again! You’ve been together for a few years now and the ideas of what to get your significant other are starting to get so stressful–especially since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! No worries, ladies and gents. If you live in the Knoxville area, we’ve got you covered. For starters, it helps that you live in the 3rd Most Romantic City in the country, but also, we’ve prepared a list of charming date and gift ideas to make your special person feel…well…special!

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Let’s start with the best part…food!

The Melting PotPrepare your wallet if you choose this unique, interactive dining experience, but it is absolutely worth it! The dim lighting is perfect for a romantic date, and cooking your own meal sets the tone for plenty of laughs and lots of time to enjoy just being with each other.

Ruth’s Chris Steak HouseAbsolutely fabulous! Hands down, if you and your special someone are craving the most delicious steak and wine that you’ve ever had, then this is the place to go!

NAMA Sushi Bar. If you’re a sushi fanatic, then load up the car and head to either the downtown Knoxville or Kingston Pike location! Consistently voted the number one sushi restaurant in Knoxville.

Altruda’sCraving Italian? You must go here! The menu is a never-ending list of delicious entrees, and did we mention they have peanut butter pie for dessert… Uh, yes please!

Icon Ultra LoungeLocated on the 5th floor of the Sunsphere, this restaurant is an iconic part of Knoxville, and you’re guaranteed the best views!

Tupelo Honey CaféThe perfect spot for a relaxing brunch to start the day of love. This restaurant is located in Market Square and is well-known for their delicious biscuits and homemade jam–trust us, they don’t disappoint!

The Crown and GooseSuch a cute and quirky little gastropub located in the Old City. It will almost make you want to move to England!


Romantic date ideas for couples


Not big foodies or simply content with a #5 8-count from Chick-fil-a? Try these activities for the perfect date night!

Ice Skating at the Ice ChaletWe know here in Knoxville, the weather has been a little crazy, but how cute would an ice skating date be?! Bundled up kisses and your favorite person all in one–nothing gets better than that!
Painting with a TwistWe pass this place on our way to work every morning and have heard only great things. This step-by-step art class is a great idea for a Valentine’s date, AND you can bring your own wine! Yay!

Ballroom Dancing Lessons at Dance TonightWhat a fantastic excuse to put on a fancy dress and learn some new moves. No more excuses about not having an occasion to wear that beautiful sparkling evening gown that takes up so much space in your closet. Ladies, tonight, you’re going dancing!

Couple’s Spa Day. Is the new year already causing you stress and exhaustion? This is a perfect excuse to relax, enjoy yourself and also, give a great gift to your partner! This gift is really killing two birds with one stone, so what more could you ask for?!

Stay in for warm snuggles, order a pizza, and watch a good RomCom. For you busy bees out there, you may not want to get dressed up and re-shower for a full night of activities, and that’s okay! If a movie is involved, it’s a date! We always recommend About Time, Serendipity, and of course, anything featuring Ryan Gosling.


Romantic date ideas


But what will I buy him?

Cook him a great meal. Enough with the microwave meals and Totino’s Pizza. Take out the fine china and your best recipe book and whip up something that will have his mouth watering for more (P.S. if you don’t have a cookbook, head over to Pinterest for some fabulous inspiration!). He may even want to join in!

Something he will actually use. A wallet, shaving set, a new pair of jeans. Figure out what he is truly needing and head on to the mall.

Chocolates! Everybody loves a box of chocolates. Yes–even big, strong, independent men!


Romantic date ideas


But what will I buy her?

Jewelry. The number one thing that will come to anyone’s mind when you ask what to get a woman! Every lady loves a little bit of frosting, and what a great way to tell her that you love her than with fine jewelry?

Flowers and Chocolates. This may be obvious, but one of our very favorite things about Valentine’s Day is the heart shaped box of chocolates! It’s such a yummy surprise to bite in to each one to find out what it is! (and pretend you’re in the scene from Legally Blonde or The Vow)

Something Hand-Made. Finally, make this a day to overly show your appreciation for each other! Some men aren’t the most creative crayon in the crayon box, but when they try, it really shows us women how much they love and cherish us. Thoughtfulness is every girl’s love language!


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