Wedding Video: Love’s the best thing we do

“…Because you’ve never caged me in, clipped my wings or made me miserable. Instead, you made me free.”

Our spunkiest bride yet shares some of the sweetest personal vows we’ve heard in this wedding video. We’ve loved you two from day one and we wish you all the happiness you deserve!

Fall In Love With These 2014 Fall Wedding Trends

In case you missed it in our September newsletter, we’re celebrating the beginning of fall here at Castleton! It’s one of our absolute favorite times of year at the Farm! The foliage is morphing into a sea of bright yellows, burnt oranges, and deep reds and the temperatures are dropping. When is there a more enjoyable time to experience the beautiful East Tennessee mountains?!  So break out your favorite sweater and boots you’ve been waiting to wear since February. Cuddle up by the fire pit with a cup of steaming cider in one hand and a sweet, melting s’more in the other. It’s the season of fabulous weather, stunning scenery, college football, cozy blankets, and everything pumpkin.

2014 Fall Wedding Trends

We think this season’s wedding trends are to die for! From illusion necklines to lace bridesmaids dresses to pie bars at the reception, we’re excited to see it all! However, don’t get too caught up in the trends. Let your personality shine because after all, the day is about YOU!

Our Exclusive Vendor, florist Samuel Franklin told us to be on the lookout for muted tones and faded colors in this season’s florals. Flowers such as peachy calla lillies and peach stock are perfectly paired with pale gold accents. Leaves, vines, and whispy elements are used to create a seemingly messy, but elegant arrangement. White pumpkins are of course always encouraged for the fall season! Cascading bouquets are also becoming popular again.

2014 Fall Wedding Floral Trends



We recently celebrated Courtney + Alex, our first official fall wedding, and loved how they incorporated the season into their reception through a pie bar (we recommend the always delicious Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop) and s’mores as an alternative to cake! See more photos from their day here. Thanks, Katherine Birkbeck for capturing this beautiful couple so well!

Southern fall wedding 2014 Fall Wedding Trends Fall wedding trends. S'mores dessert bar

Vintage Vineyard Wedding

Longing for a romantic wedding in wine country? A vineyard wedding is the ultimate in sophisticated rustic elegance. But there is no need to travel to France and leave all of your loved ones behind. You can get that same experience state side if you know where to look. The Vineyard at Castleton Farms coupled with one of our skilled wedding planners is the perfect combination to achieve your dream vineyard wedding. Memorable wedding designs come down to the details and there are plenty of creative details to include in this elegant wedding, but in this case the venue is more important than ever.  A vineyard wedding must simply stated, be held in a vineyard. Whether it is the ceremony, cocktail hour or the reception, some portion of the event must allow your guests to wander between the rows  of live growing grapes and taste the fruit straight from the vine. I love that Castleton’s vineyard is planted with the muscadine grape; a grape native to Tennessee and a taste that brings back my childhood with one bite!

Now that you have an amazing venue, let’s talk about the details. Your colors can range from deep wine reds and purples to light fresh champagne peaches and whites. If you go for the lighter colors, tan or grey suits on your groomsmen are a great choice to keep your bridal party balanced. Vineyard weddings will often see the bride in a slimmer silhouette, but bolder brides may opt for a fuller gown in deep rich colors, especially for a dramatic evening ceremony with candles.

We love the idea of sending a bottle of wine as the invitation with all of the wedding information printed on the custom label.

These eco friendly cork invitations available on etsy are also a great first glance of what lies ahead for your guests.

Of course grapes of many varieties and should find their way into your décor and centerpieces, although your bouquets and boutonnieres should be void of this staining fruit.

The cocktail hour and reception for this type of wedding can be super elegant and refined.

The perfect accompaniment to wine is cheese! So a cheese sampling is a must, but also consider dishes made with a variety of different or unique cheese. For the cocktail hour consider Goat Cheese with Pancetta, a Cornmeal Soufflé with Blue Cheese or Smoked Salmon with Mascarpone. Grilled vegetables also pair well with cheeses especially when finished with an aged balsamic vinegar or rich olive oil. Fruit jams with cheese and crackers can be simple, but delicious.

A Caramelized Onion Tart with brie followed by a Grilled Corn Soup are sure to have your guests on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the main course. A grilled beef tenderloin or roasted duck or lamb are all wonderful options for the main course.

Now that your mind (and taste buds) are busy with the menu let’s talk about before and after the ceremony. Consider hiring a sommelier for a wine tasting as your rehearsal dinner. This is a great opportunity to taste and understand new wines with your bridal party. Speaking of bridal party, what gifts do you give these people that are so dear to you? How about a picnic basket filled with everything necessary for a romantic evening of their own; wine, preserves, local honey, crackers, marinated olives, roasted peppers and smoked meats. (there go my taste buds again).   

When you plan a wedding around wine, amazing food is sure play a big part. Congratulations, you now have a wedding your guests can’t wait to attend!


Flower Snapshots


Aren’t bridal bouquets GORGEOUS?! Brides glide down the aisle holding stunning colors from Mother Nature in their hands. They carry an innumerable array of flowers, unique to the bride’s personal tastes. But bridal bouquets are a-changing! As beautiful as flowers are there are numerous other materials showing up in the bride’s manicured hands . . . paper flowers, heirloom jewelry, feathers, fruit . . . there are no restrictions on what the bride can carry down the aisle. Traditional rules are out and unique tastes are in this season.




Bridal bouquets for the perfect winter wedding.




Vintage Jewelry

Unlike flower bouquets, when a bride carries an heirloom bouquet down the aisle these jewels will last long after the wedding. They can be passed on from generation to generation, from bride to bride. For those who love vintage, this is another great way to incorporate it in a wedding . . . through a lasting heirloom bouquet. As beautiful as they are, cut flowers soon die, but a custom bouquet made out of heirloom jewelry will last forever. It becomes an heirloom in its own right.




Outside the Box

More and more often, brides are thinking outside the box when it comes to their bridal bouquets. They are no longer content to carry the traditional flowers as their mothers did. Their creativity has expanded to having fabric flowers, buttons, feathers and fruit for their bouquets. And the end result is fabulous. Another “thought outside the box” are the new purses popping up in weddings across the country. The traditional flowers are used, but they are arranged inside the purses or the flowers are actually placed outside the purse itself for a “flower purse.” Now that’s really thinking outside the box!






The Beauty of Tradition

When it is all said and done, flower bouquets are still as striking and beautiful as they were when Mom carried them down the aisle. So despite all the other changes, many modern brides opt to hang onto this one tradition and have a flower bouquet to toss up for some lucky bridesmaid to catch. And Fall wedding bouquets are some of the most striking in the color palette. They grab everyone’s attention and direct everyone’s eyes toward the lovely bride herself.





Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy the turkey, dressing and loved ones.


Thanksgiving Weddings

The leaves have fallen and the temperatures are dropping, which means Thanksgiving is upon us. While Spring and Summer are the traditional favorite seasons for weddings, more brides are planning their weddings for September, October and November. There’s something romantic about a season spent snuggling up by the fire with a warm drink, watching the leaves change color and soaking in spicy scents like pumpkin and cinnamon. There are many positives about having a Thanksgiving wedding. One of the biggest is that family has already made plans to be home for the holidays. There are ideas listed below to help plan for a Thanksgiving wedding.




Bag of Seasonal Nuts

A decorative bag of seasonal nuts is a nice Thanksgiving-themed wedding favor. The nuts can be packed inside small, drawstring bags that can be personalized with your wedding information. The bags can be filled with pecans, walnuts, chestnuts or acorns. You might also include instructions on how to roast the chestnuts or the recipe for a pecan pie.



Thanksgiving Pie Wedge

A wonderful, edible Thanksgiving favor for your wedding guests is a wedge of pumpkin, apple of pecan pie. Thanksgiving Turkey Wedge Boxes are perfect for one wedge of pie. The boxes are decorated with a Thanksgiving motif, but you may also want to consider personalizing the boxes with a label that has your wedding information printed on it.The boxes can be purchased online and cost less than four dollar for a dozen boxes. You can also fill the boxes with a slice of wedding cake.



Thanksgiving Harvest Candles

Thanksgiving harvest candles also make wonderful Thanksgiving-themed wedding favors. In many instances, you can personalize the candle holders with your wedding information for no extra fee. Thanksgiving harvest candles are often sold through specialty stores, craft shops and party supply stores. A dozen personalized candles costs about $13. Another option is to purchase plain glass candle holders and DIY with rub-on transfers.


Horn of Plenty Floral Arrangement

One obvious Thanksgiving-themed wedding favor is a cornucopia or horn of plenty. Craft stores and wholesalers sell miniature cornucopias for only several dollars. The baskets can be filled with silk, dried or fresh fall flowers like mums, toad lilies, helenium and sedum. If you choose a silk or dried floral arrangement, your wedding guests will be able to enjoy their favors for years to come.


Thanksgiving Turkey Wine Boxes

A bottle of seasonal wine or sparkling cider placed inside a Thanksgiving Turkey Wine Box also makes an excellent wedding favor. The decorative wine boxes are often sold through party supply shops and specialty retailers.

Halloween Weddings




Halloween wedding themes use black and orange, purple and orange or white and black. Pumpkins, witches and skulls make an appearance on cakes, escort cards and table decorations. Naturally, the candy buffet offers a wide selection of trick-or-treat goodies. Tables are covered with black and spider webs crawl beneath china plates. There’s nothing “spooky” about a Halloween wedding. It’s all fun and inspiration.




Ghoulish Gowns and wild imaginations make a perfect Halloween wedding.

Guests will love the brilliant burst of color and the whimsical fun that a Halloween theme provides with any wedding.

Guests will toast the originality of your decision to have a Halloween wedding. Masquerade masks and candy corn will linger for years in your memories.

Orange and purple are two popular colors for any Halloween wedding. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be done.

Monogrammed pumpkins, spiders and vampires all make an appearance at this Halloween wedding.

Autumn Weddings




Autumn bursts onto the scene like a fiesty, grande dame, bringing with her a canopy of color. This is the season! When the leaves start to change, the colors are spectacular and it’s a great time of the year to have your wedding. The weather is as perfect as any day in Camelot. Autumn brings the inspiration of a full-colored palette with nudes, yellows, browns, oranges, reds and various shades of green. When Mother Nature goes through her wardrobe during the “changing of the leaves,” she supplies gorgeous colors.