Wedding Planning 101: Why Videography is Worth Every Penny

When my parents think of wedding videos, they step back in time to their wedding day, when Uncle John so generously offered to film the entire event on his VHS camcorder. However, Uncle John didn’t consider choosing an aisle seat, so when my mom walked down the aisle, all poor Uncle John caught on film was the top of each guest’s head as everyone stood to watch the most pivotal moment of a wedding.

When I think of wedding videos, I go back to my college days. My friends all made fun of me because I used to watch every single wedding video I could find on the Internet, almost incessantly, feeling and sharing all of the emotions shown (I shed a few tears every now and then…). Sometimes, when watching the really emotional, give-you-goosebumps kind of wedding videos, I felt like I was connecting with the couple as if I were at the actual event. Ha!

Alex Widmer wedding videography

After chatting with Alex Widmer, one of Castleton’s preferred videographers (and my wedding videographer!) and working in the wedding industry, I’ve noticed that, around here, videography either doesn’t fall within most wedding budgets or it’s just not “important” enough to be considered a wedding day essential. The majority of brides will rank their wedding day priorities, whether that means putting most of their budget into catering to really wow their guests with the dinner presentation or photography to provide those picture-perfect memories to show the grandkids (and a new profile picture that guarantees 200+ likes). The most common vendors that couples prioritize for their wedding are photographers, venues, and caterers because those are the wedding essentials that have been around  forever. Right now, videography is at the bottom of the totem pole because people miss out on seeing the value in it. As Alex put it, people only see it as the “distant uncle with his large camcorder, letting the camera droop down in the last row because he’s focused on the ceremony.” However, in the majority of polls taken by wedding sites, not hiring a professional videographer tends to be most brides’ #1 wedding day regret.


Wedding videography regrets


Is wedding videography just a trend? We don’t think so. It’s just another way our industry is being affected by the evolving culture. Think about it. Why do you spend an extra 20 minutes scrolling through your Facebook these days? Why did Vine and Periscope gain popularity so quickly? Why did Instagram add a video feature? Alex stated that video communicates authenticity. You can add filters, sure, but for the most part, you’re hearing and seeing things for what they really are–something our millennial generation is all about, ironically.

Wedding days are FILLED with all sorts of emotions–once-in-a-lifetime emotions that you can’t even begin to describe, emotions that you’ll never know existed until you experience your own wedding day, and simply put, emotions that can’t be captured through pictures, no matter how awesome your photographer is. As Instagram stated, when they released their video feature, “Some moments need more than a static image to come to life.” Videography allows you to experience those feelings long after the wedding. You get to see it, hear it, and feel it all over again.

Truthfully, there’s so much you’ll miss on your wedding day–preparation and set-up of the details you so thoughtfully planned out, interactions between guests who traveled from near and far for this one special day, grandma’s killer moves on the dance floor, and more. If you spend your whole life, from the time you’re a little girl, planning your wedding, why wouldn’t you want it captured in a way that you can relive it whenever you want?

Personally, I knew I had to squeeze videography into my budget because that’s all I raved about for four years. Now, it’s been four months since our wedding day, and even though we’ve oohed and aahed over our pictures, I cannot wait to watch our video. I’m ready to see, hear and experience our emotions when we read our letters to each other. I’m ready to relive our first look (and probably rewind to watch Corey’s reaction an embarrassing amount of times), our first kiss as husband and wife, the sweet toasts from our friends and family, and all of the other fun, quirky and emotional things that happened in between that made our wedding day my absolute favorite day.


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