6 Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Mayfair, Valencia, or X Pro ll?! We have all been through the emotional rollercoaster of choosing the perfect Instagram filter, right? Well, it doesn’t get any easier post-engagement when you not only have to find a filter that perfectly complements your new shiny rock, but also the most flattering pose for you and your man! So, let us give you a few creative tips on posting your big news for the world to see!

But first, coffee. Ladies, Etsy has got you covered for this one! Just hop online and order those cute, little coffee mugs we’ve all seen quoted, “Does this ring make me look engaged?” You can now get them personalized! *praise*

Focal points for the win. If you’re really lucky, hiring a photographer was covered, and you will have the best picture of your sweetie down on one knee!

Play it up with props. A cute celebratory glass of champagne or some seasonally colored flowers that really make your new ring pop is always a fan favorite!

Intensify the mood with a little PDA. You can go so many ways with this one–the simple “look, everyone, we are ENGAGED!!!” pose with your shiny ring pointing toward the camera and a little kissy action in the background, or something even more unique! Being creative is bound to draw our eyes towards your new sparkler!

Let’s take a selfie. Finally–an acceptable excuse to post a selfie! Avoid the criticism by uploading a simple picture of you and your man’s smiling faces. There’s no way your friends won’t show their support and double tap for the newly engaged couple!

Your hands tell a story. Not every social media post has to be bright and perfectly filtered. Bring back the chic black and white filter for a timeless look. Place your left hand in his, tell him to give it a little smooch, and voilà!

Let’s face it, the more emotion shown in the picture, the more reaction you’re going to get out of people. But no matter how you decide to announce your engagement to the world–and no matter how many likes, comments and reactions you get out of it–remember, you’re actually ENGAGED…like to be married! Let that soak in! Don’t stress out if he didn’t hire a professional photographer or if your hair won’t cooperate for the perfect ring selfie. Bottom line: marriage is so much more than the picture you post.

…which leads us to our next point – Coming soon on the blog: Rules and Advice for Announcing Your Engagement on Social Media

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – Engagement Rings 101

So you’ve fallen in love. You found your Prince Charming, he’s completely swept you off your feet, and you’ve overheard from his friends he’s been ring shopping. If you’re not the type of person to blatantly tell him exactly what you want, subtly send him to this post so we can help him out!

guide to buying engagement rings

Source: Aisle Perfect


The gemstone, the feature piece of the ring, is usually a diamond. However, we’re seeing a newer trend in engagement rings, and we LOVE it. Taking the place of diamonds are vintage gemstones, such as colorful and precious stones (we’re talking emeralds, sapphires, and rubies – oh my!), pearls, and opals. If you want to add some color without omitting the diamond completely, think about adding some colored accent stones – maybe a turquoise or navy gem if you’re lacking “something blue.”

Lacking “something old” or “borrowed?” Browse through your mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry to see if one of their antique stones is what you’ve been dreaming of!

Today, we’re sharing some images of real Castleton Brides’ rings that we can’t stop staring at. Take a look!









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