Romantic Blush, Ivory and Gold Wedding

We just received these gorgeous images of Abby and Ryan’s romantic blush, ivory and gold wedding here at Castleton Farms from Tracie Ancelet Photography. Abby was kind enough to answer a few questions about her wedding for us and give us some insight on their special day…

Here is what we asked:

  • Why Castleton Farms?   
  • When Ryan and I got engaged, I was living in Indianapolis and Ryan was in Jonesborough, TN.  I am originally from Columbus, Ohio, while Ryan is from Maryville, TN.  When Ryan and I started researching venues close to both of our hometowns, we came upon Castleton Farms and were blown away by how beautiful it is.  We immediately pictured ourselves getting married there and loved that the planning services were included.  This made things so much easier since I was trying to plan a wedding from Indianapolis.  With the help of Darla and Kelly, they helped us to navigate the wedding planning process and made the day of truly stress free for myself and our family and friends! 
  • How did Ryan ask you to marry him? 
  • We were on vacation in Hilton Head, SC and were getting ready for dinner.  Ryan had set up a plan with his sister, who recently got engaged, to pretend like we were going to take engagement pictures of her and her fiancé on the beach.  Little did I know they were there to record the whole thing and take pictures of us getting engaged!  We walked down to the beach, and I was trying to think of cute ways for his sister and her fiancé to pose and all of the sudden Ryan was down on one knee asking for me to marry him!  What still cracks me up is Ryan admitted that one time I had called him and he told me he was shopping at Victoria’s Secret with his mom and sister, which I found to be very odd (what was he buying there and for who?!?!), but I decided not question it, he was actually ring shopping!
  • Your Love Story? 
  • Ryan and I met in Johnson City, TN while I was finishing up my year as a pharmacy resident at ETSU.  As corny as it sounds, we had an instant connection.  The relationship was so natural and fun for each of us.  The worst part though was I had just accepted a job in Indianapolis, IN a couple weeks before we met.  Neither of us had been in a long distance relationship before, but we agreed we would take each day at a time and rely on God knowing if it was his will, our relationship would continue to grow and strengthen.  We actually had a lot of fun visiting each other despite the seven hour drive and always had something fun to look forward to.  We made sure to see each other in person at least once a month.  Thankfully, I was able to find another job back in East Tennessee and along with our two dogs, we were ecstatic to be living close to each other again!

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Photographer – Tracie Ancelet

Videographer- Scott West

Planner- Darla Walker

Florist- Samuel Franklin

Rentals- All Occasions Party Rentals

Catering- All Occasion Catering

Cake- Cakery Bakery

DJ- Fuller Light N Sound

Hair and Make Up- Bangs and Blush

Officiant – Elaine Sturtz

Venue- Castleton Farms












The First Look: A Groom’s Perspective

Your wedding day is a blur. People tell you that, but you just won’t understand until you experience it for yourself. The ten hours I spent on property seemed like ten minutes. But there was one moment where time moved slow. All day you are preparing to tie your life to this one person. The day belongs to you and her, this one special girl that means everything to you, ya know? But then they don’t even let you see her. You are being walked around with your eyes covered and being told, “Don’t come upstairs,” for fear you might see her. That is why the first look will forever be my most vivid memory of my big day. I just wanted to talk to her. Not even about the actual day, just to say hey or make a stupid joke that only we would laugh at like we normally would. Even reading our letters to each other around the corner wasn’t good enough. Hearing her voice wasn’t good enough. I just wanted to see her.

first look on wedding day

You tell yourself you won’t cry. You won’t be cliche. You’re not like the other guys. And then she taps you on the shoulder. You turn around, and in this moment, you know that your life is going to be better from this day on. You know that no guy could ever see her like you do. All of the tears, laughs, and inevitable things about love have brought you to this moment. And it’s here, while you’re wiping tears off your new overpriced tie, you understand why a wedding is beautiful.

first look on wedding day

Fifty years from now, I will never forget the smile I saw when I turned to see my bride during my first look. Hopefully it will feel just like it was yesterday.


Ben Finch Photography

Choosing Castleton Farm: Real Castleton Couples

Castleton Farms wants to share a little LOVE from our 2013 Brides and Grooms. Here, in their own words, find out what they LOVED most about their Castleton experience and find out why they decided to make Castleton their wedding venue of choice!

Bride and groom on wedding day

 “Well, for me, I knew I was only going to get married once, so I had to do it right! From the moment I saw the sheer, effortless elegance Castleton exudes, the search for my perfect venue was over.  As a full-time law student as well as part-time employee, planning a wedding wasn’t something I could possibly have time to do by myself – that’s where Darla came in. I cannot sing her praises enough. She and the Castleton crew made my entire wedding experience a true fairy tale!

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Newton

Real couple on wedding day

“The absolute best thing about Castleton farms is Darla. She helped us make the best decisions before the wedding, and literally took care of everything we needed the day of the wedding. We loved her level of involvement! No wedding is stress free, but we are so thankful Darla was there to take care of us. We trusted her from the moment we booked the venue, and she took incredible care of us.”

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kakanis

Carnival themed wedding

“Dreams do come true! There are not enough words to completely express our thanks and appreciation for all that Castleton did to make our day the BEST day of our lives. No detail was left undone, and the Castleton grounds looked as if they were ripped from the pages of Southern Weddings magazine. The styling team really carried out our vision of a Vintage Carnival themed wedding throughout the ceremony, Carriage House, and reception. Our guests are still swooning over how amazingly beautiful everything looked! We find it nothing less than incredible that, with the volume of weddings you all help to perfect, ours was truly so unique and everything we dreamed of. The food was absolutely delicious and unique, as was the cake. The Castleton team, led by the amazingly talented Darla Walker, exceeded all of our expectations and absolutely no detail went unnoticed or unappreciated. We could not have dreamt of a better way to begin our journey as husband and wife and we are so thankful for Castleton’s hard work, creativity, love and passion that they put into every inch of our Castleton Experience. Brides, look no more…because everything you dreamed of is about to come true!!”

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Courtney