8 Differences Between Indian and American Weddings

Do Indians really throw a better party than Americans? The ceremony length, the number of guests, and even the rituals–all of these aspects of a wedding in Indian cultures are completely different from that of American weddings! Here at Castleton Farms, as we prepare for yet another Indian wedding, we have done some research to provide you with a breakdown of just how different these two cultures really are in terms of weddings.

Differences between Indian and American weddings

The More, The Merrier.
The guest count is the most noticeable difference between the two culture’s wedding days. This is where the bride’s family likes to show off their money and hospitality–not to mention, Indian families tend to consider everyone they meet family–so they will typically invite as many people as he can afford! The guest count for an Indian wedding can range anywhere from 200 to 1,000 guests! In America, however, weddings remain a bit more intimate. Depending on the budget, the bride will send invitations only to close family and friends, bringing the average guest count in America to 130 or less.

Differences between Indian and American weddings

But What Will I Wear?!
In the United States, it’s typical for a bride to wear a white dress, though it’s becoming more common to see ivory, champagne, and even blush wedding gowns. The groom either sports a tuxedo or a suit, usually with a white shirt underneath and a splash of color in his tie. It is traditional, however, for Indian brides to model extravagant red, silk sarees on their wedding day. These beautiful and intricate pieces of handiwork can cost just as much as a wedding gown, if not more! Indian grooms wear embroidered sherwanis.

Differences between Indian and American weddings

A Girl’s Best Friend.
While American brides tend to choose simple diamonds, pearls or color coordinated pieces that fit their wedding day theme, Indian brides can vary greatly on what jewelry pieces they choose to wear on their big day. Some will wear an abundance of gold pieces and others may choose the royal rani look that features large polki diamonds. Either way they go, their lavish jewelry pieces will always be a matching set that compliments their wedding attire!

Differences between Indian and American wedding rituals

Differences between Indian and American weddings

More Than Just ‘I Do.”
We could write an entire book on the differences between Indian and American wedding rituals, but we’ll try to keep it short and simple! We’re all familiar with the American wedding processional order–begins with a traditional leading in of the groom and groomsmen, then follows the mothers and grandmothers. Next up: groomsmen, bridesmaids, and finally, the bride makes her big entrance, walking down the aisle, teary-eyed, with her father to meet her groom at the altar. The bride and groom then stand to exchange their vows and seal it with a kiss. However, Indian ceremony traditions are completely different than anything we’re used to. Their ceremony includes the barat, where the groom arrives at the venue on an elephant or horse, surrounded by his family who dance to music the entire way, and is welcomed by the bride’s family. Also, the Saptapadi is said to be an important ritual where the bride and groom will walk around the Holy Fire while saying a vow each time around. Whereas American ceremonies take as long as one hour at the very most, the main Indian wedding ceremony can last up to 3 hours.

Extravagant Indian wedding reception

Party of the Year Goes To…
The traditional American wedding reception immediately follows the ceremony and includes drinks, cutting of the cake, dinner, and dancing to follow. However, Indian brides, grooms, and their guests have to freshen up in between ceremony and reception because it’s such a long day. The Indian wedding reception is the huge celebration of the bride and groom coming together. Rumor has it, you don’t want to miss out on these parties!

Differences between Indian and American weddings

Are We There Yet?
Traditional weddings in America last the entire day for the bridal party and a few hours for the guests, with a ceremony lasting about 30 minutes, followed by a cocktail hour, and a 4-5 hour reception. Get this–Indian weddings can last anywhere from 1 to 3 whole days, if not more! These days consist of amazing rituals, including henna tattooing the women’s arms, hands and feet and eating LOTS of food.

More Than Just a Piece of Paper.
American wedding invitations can really be anything that the couple enjoys, whether that includes engagement pictures, beautiful calligraphy, or eye-catching artwork. Custom monograms are quickly becoming something every couple desires because it goes further than just the piece of paper. You can include custom monograms on your chalkboard signs, menus, and even the dance floor! Along with the American trend of choosing what reflects your wedding theme, Indian wedding invitations also have some brilliant artwork on them. However, the artwork on these invitations is extremely bright in color and has a cultural significance. The envelope that contains the invitations isn’t just a piece of paper to protect the card. It’s also made of silk, natural fibers, and bright colors–how cool!

Differences between Indian and American weddings

Forget About the Price Tag.
The average wedding cost in America depends on how many guests are attending and how much the bride is willing to spend on decor, flowers, the dress, and more. Typically, American brides will spend anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. On the other hand, Indian weddings tend to be over the top! The bride’s family spends their whole lives saving their money to spend on this one occasions, and the guest count, as stated earlier, is huge! Indian brides will have a ballpark budget of $50,000 to $100,000.

Despite the many differences between Indian and American weddings, at the end of the day, both cultures place a strong importance on uniting the two families and each hopes for a long, wonderful married life together for the newlyweds.

12 Wedding Trends to Look Forward To in 2016

2015 was all about fierce plunging necklines, champagne fountains and deep wine-colored hues throughout! With a year filled with such classy amazingness, how could you top that?! We think, however, that this year is going to be one for the books with predicted trends like metallic color schemes, wedding dress separates, furry sidekicks, and many more! Be prepared for 2016, ladies and gentlemen, because this year’s trends are about to be bolder and more dazzling than ever!

Metallics. This year is going to be filled with metallic color schemes everywhere. Rose gold and copper are said to be the “it” color of 2016. Incorporate metallics into any aspect of your wedding – invitations, bridesmaids dresses, or even table linens!


Sleeves. Gone are the days of strapless, sweetheart-neckline dresses. 2016 is going to be covered (pun intended) with gorgeous designer gowns with sleeves of all sorts! From cap, illusion, or tank… You name it, it will be done!


Furry sidekicks. Calling all you puppy lovers out there! It’s been said that a trend for this coming year is going to involve bringing your pup along on the special day. This is by far the best thing we have heard all year (even if it is just January). So ladies and gents, grab your little fluff ball, take him to the groomers, and get ready to have lots of kisses from not only the bride!


Pre-ceremony cocktails. Ready to party? Pre-ceremony chatting (empty-handed) will be no more! Couples are now wanting to greet their party-comers with a bubbly refreshment to get the party started. Who’s excited?!


Two-piece dresses. It started with prom and now has flooded into the wedding world, and we’re not mad about it. Two part wedding dresses and removable bottom pieces are going to be seen everywhere! Looking to be a chic and sexy bride? Well you’re in luck, because this is your year!


Vintage engagement rings. Word of advice: Ask mom! Trending now are heirloom engagement rings! Nothing is more special than saying yes to a beautiful piece from Grandma, trust me!


Boudoir beauties. Boudoir sessions are an easy gift to let your husband see a little more of your sexy side. Instead of having a whole day set apart for beautifully baring it all, brides are beginning to do it throughout the morning of their big day! Hooray for knocking out two birds with one stone!


Jewel tones. Deep purples, royal blues, and bright fuchsias… Oh my! Some brides are on the metallic train to their big day, but if you still want that splash of color, that’s okay too! Jewel tones are here to stay for 2016, ladies.


Long tables. Join the family! Separate round tables are out, and long tables for many guests to sit together are in and we love it. Pass the rolls, please!


Lighting. Great lighting is everything, and this year, it’s not going unnoticed! Using a plethora of candles or more chandeliers than you should (because they’re beautiful, right?) is totally okay!


Pattern. Adding pattern into your wedding is one quick way to being the most stylish bride of the year. Checkerboard, polka dot, or color blur your way to the top!


2016 wedding trends mix and match furniture

My Blonde Ambitions

Mix+Match. The bride wants glitter but the groom wants matte? Bride wants glamorous, groom wants traditional? Arguing over who has better wedding ideas is exhausting. So calm down, because this year you can both win with the new trend of mixing and matching (YAY)!

With this knowledge in hand, begin pinning away and planning, ladies!

For The Foodies: 2015 Catering Trends

A few weeks ago we attended the 2015 Catersource and Event Solutions Conference and Tradeshow in Las Vegas to get the scoop about what’s up and coming in the event world. We talked to two of the top catering companies in the nation, Windows Catering Company and Four Five One Events, about the top 2015 catering trends. Now we’re here to share with you a bit about what we learned in the food industry and how you can incorporate these trends!


1. Thinking outside the glass: A plain drinking glass simply won’t do! Caterers are exploring options and trying the ever-so-popular mason jars, milk cartons, and mercury glasses. What other alternatives can you think of?

2015 Catering Trends milk jars

Source: Pinterest

2. Edible art installations: If you’re feeling really bold, try a donut wall like Four Five One Events recently did! Guests were welcomed up to the wall to grab a glazed pastry and washed it down with a glass of milk. It’s an interactive way to feed your guests.

2015 Catering Trends. Edible art installation

Source: Pinterest

3. Farm to table and table to farm: Everyone knows about farm to table – only the freshest, locally grown ingredients are used. People are caring more and more where their food came from and what’s in it. Now caterers are using “farm” serving vessels like cast iron skillets and glass milk jugs. Being in Tennessee, we know we’re going to have fun with this one! We’ve already got some things up our sleeves for you…

2015 Catering trends. Cast iron skillet

Source: Pinterest

4. Maple everything: From maple spiced pears to specialty cocktails infused with maple to maple whiskey butter…2015 is going to show everyone there’s nothing maple can’t make absolutely delicious. We’re hoping this shows up at our receptions so we can sneak a little taste!

2015 catering trends marinated veggies

Source: Foodness Gracious

7. Creative seating: Oh the possibilities! Metal loveseats, mod ball chairs, rocking chairs, wooden chairs with mismatched pillows…if your budget allows, stray from the white and black plastic seats to add color and character to your reception.

2015 Catering trends. Creative table seating

Source: Love & Lavender

8. Savory cupcakes: Meatloaf “cupcakes” with mashed potato toppings…you read that correctly. YUM. And that’s just one option.

2015 Catering trends. Savory cupcakes

Source: The Novice Chef Blog

10. Everyone’s a part of the family: The family serving style will be seen at most events this year. The large dishes that everyone takes a spoonful of is a way to make your guests feel more comfortable with each other, as if they’re all a part of the family.

2015 Catering trends. Family style seating

Source: Pinterest

Fall In Love With These 2014 Fall Wedding Trends

In case you missed it in our September newsletter, we’re celebrating the beginning of fall here at Castleton! It’s one of our absolute favorite times of year at the Farm! The foliage is morphing into a sea of bright yellows, burnt oranges, and deep reds and the temperatures are dropping. When is there a more enjoyable time to experience the beautiful East Tennessee mountains?!  So break out your favorite sweater and boots you’ve been waiting to wear since February. Cuddle up by the fire pit with a cup of steaming cider in one hand and a sweet, melting s’more in the other. It’s the season of fabulous weather, stunning scenery, college football, cozy blankets, and everything pumpkin.

2014 Fall Wedding Trends

We think this season’s wedding trends are to die for! From illusion necklines to lace bridesmaids dresses to pie bars at the reception, we’re excited to see it all! However, don’t get too caught up in the trends. Let your personality shine because after all, the day is about YOU!

Our Exclusive Vendor, florist Samuel Franklin told us to be on the lookout for muted tones and faded colors in this season’s florals. Flowers such as peachy calla lillies and peach stock are perfectly paired with pale gold accents. Leaves, vines, and whispy elements are used to create a seemingly messy, but elegant arrangement. White pumpkins are of course always encouraged for the fall season! Cascading bouquets are also becoming popular again.

2014 Fall Wedding Floral Trends



We recently celebrated Courtney + Alex, our first official fall wedding, and loved how they incorporated the season into their reception through a pie bar (we recommend the always delicious Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop) and s’mores as an alternative to cake! See more photos from their day here. Thanks, Katherine Birkbeck for capturing this beautiful couple so well!

Southern fall wedding 2014 Fall Wedding Trends Fall wedding trends. S'mores dessert bar